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Broadband: Welcome


4G / 5G Internet - fast reliable broadband where fibre does not reach

Unlimited data with no restrictions

True unlimited broadband with no hidden data caps and no speed throttling. Get the broadband connection you have always wanted with 4G / 5G

Available to both Business & Consumer

These SIM’s work in.

  • Customers using 4G/5G routers who want to share connectivity and not be restricted to a mobile phone

  • 4G/5G Cellular Tablets

  • Homeworkers

  • Car SIM card Slot - Adding a data SIM card to your car can do tons of cool such as allowing others in your car to use the car's SIM as a Wi-Fi hotspot so they can get online with their devices & provide Wi-Fi calling through a different network.

  • Rural broadband connectivity

  • Exhibitions

  • Construction

  • Pre-Ethernet

  • Ethernet Backups

  • Mobile Wi-Fi access through a MiFi box or dongle

  • Anyone that requires lots of Data


Is it truly unlimited data?

Yes! However, there is an abuse policy of 650GB PCM. This should be an amble amount of data for standard purposes. If the SIM uses more than 650GB the additional data will not be chargeable. To stop abuse of the network have stipulated that if 650GB of data is consumed in 2 separate months in a 6-month period they reserve the right to investigate whether the SIM is being used for non-standard purposes. If it is found to be the case, then in these circumstances they reserve the right to adjust the tariff or terminate the agreement.

Does the network do any traffic shaping on these unlimited Data SIM’s?

No. There are no restrictions placed on Data bandwidth on these tariffs. They will perform like standard Data only tariffs.

Can I track the unlimited data and how much really can I download?

For the purposes of Mobile Manager alerting, 100% data usage is set at 650GB. The Mobile Manager default 100% alert on unlimited data tariffs is different to all other tariffs as it does not bar the SIM.



We offer the unlimited data SIM on either the 02 network or Vodafone network.

Our Routers

What can you tell me about Robustel Routers?

 1. Robustel routers provide fast and reliable communication for monitoring and controlling remote equipment. All routers by default have a standard reboot. The standard option enables routers to reboot via SMS.

 2. The R2000 and R2110 routers also feature Smart Roaming Technology, an application that improves GSM (signal frequency) connection reliability to the levels required.

Robustel with Mobile Manager.

We have developed Mobile Manager Client to provide integration between our Mobile Manager portal and the Robustel routers.


Mobile Manager Client auto-configures the APN and going forward will enable further functionality.

One of the key benefits of this being that you would not need to configure the APN details on the router. The router would auto-connect and pull down the required config details for the SIM. 

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