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End of Contract Notification Regulation from Ofcom coming into effect on 15th February 2020

What's happening?

On 15 May 2019 Ofcom published their final ‘Statement on end-of-contract notifications and annual best tariff information’ called: ‘Helping consumers get better deals’. The regulation comes into effect from 15 February 2020. The regulation means that OFCOM require all Communication Providers to issue End of Contract Notifications (EOCN) to customers. In simple terms, this regulation means that customers are given information when their contracts are coming to an end which will include details about the contract, what their rights are, and for some customers - the best tariffs available to them. Customers will also be sent an Annual out of Contract Notification (AOCN) reminder once a year to all customers who are out of contract.

Why it’s great

Customers will benefit from greater transparency, clearer information on their contracts and the best deals available to them. They’ll also have the reassurance that they know how to leave if that’s the right thing to do for their business.

If you are coming to the end of your mobile phone contract please give us a call on 01384 898269 for a free no obligation proposal.

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