The journey so far.....

Pace Comms Ltd is the brainchild of two friends Mr. Lee Guttridge and Mr. Paul Lawson, founded in 2012 as a business venture together pro-actively offering  the very latest bespoke mobile phones & tariff packages for the business user.  Working in the telecoms industry since 2002 Mr Guttridge brought a wealth of  telecoms knowledge to the table & Mr. Lawson already being a successful businessman, Pace Comms Ltd was all set on the road to success.

Over the next few years we noticed a change in the market with the ever growing technology becoming available (and also with requests from existing customers to supply) we soon adapted to include many other services we offer such as VOIP, fixed lines, Business Broadband to mention just a few.

In 2016 Mr Lawson decided he could not dedicate enough time to the business due to other business commitments (He's a bit of an entrepreneur has even appeared on Dragons Den) he decided to resign as a Director however he and Mr. Guttridge still remain very good friends.

The company has continued to grow year upon year and is proud to be partners with many of the market leaders within the industry.


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